Compact Copper Cable

With over 60 years of experience, Owl Wire & Cable LLC has become the premier manufacturer of bare and plated copper wire for a wide range of industries throughout the world. Our reputation has been built and maintained on our ability to react to our customers’ needs and provide service, quality, and value that is second […]

Copper Plated Cable

Owl Wire and Cable LLC has three locations in the Central New York area, each one specializing in certain areas of the wire and cable business.  For instance if you were looking for a Class I cable such as in the picture here you would want to go to our Rome, NY Facility where they […]

Copper Rod

Copper Rod is the foundation by which the Wire and Cable industry lives and dies by.  Owl Wire and Cable LLC is committed to using only copper rod that is of the highest quality to ensure our customers that they are going to be receiving a better product in the end.  Between starting with a good […]

Copper Cable Conductors

Owl Wire and Cable LLC offers a wide range of sizes and classes of wire and cable.  We can produce up to 1500 MCM cable down to a 24 AWG and can draw feedstock down to a 34 AWG.  Let us know what you’re looking for and chances are we can make if for you.  Contact […]